Maloney WYDC

Welcome to my first Sims blog, a Who’s Your Daddy Challenge.

Rules are at boolprop here – I’m using CSquared’s rules, though not counting points.

Abiagil Title

0. Intro
1. Who You Gonna Call?
2. A Singed Pregnancy
3. This…Was Not in the Plan
4. Endless Skilling
5. Furry Friends
6. Terrible Teens
7. First Dance
8. Festival Fun
9. Party Time
10. On the Water
11. Growing Pains
12. So Many Birthdays
13. The Witch’s Curse
14. Imaginary Wooing
15. Playing With Fire
16. Fights, Pranks and Deathfish
17. Ghost Sibling Love
18. Twins Ahoy
19. The Future is Now
20. At the Ballet
21. Zombie Dance
22. Winter Blues
23. Cuteness Overload
24. Family Time
25. Sunshine Lovers, Unite
26. Lazy Summer Days
27. If At First You Don’t Succeed…
28. Making a Commitment
29. Stop Kicking the Gnomes!
30. Stop! Ghost Time!
31. Dreaming of a White Christmas
32. Not Babies Forever
33. Aurora University
34. Fairy Dust
35. Mermaids and Fairies and Birthdays
36. Visenya, the Party Queen
37. Dance Til You Drop
38. Baby Love
39. The Family That Dances Together
40. The Last Babies
41. Time Flies
42. Styling the Town
43. Walking it Home
44. The Last Birthday

Meet the Maloneys: Photos and download links for all the kids, plus Abby and my simself. Let them loose in your game, if you like.

The Daddy Files: Photos and data on each father, including genetics.

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